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Being an Alaska Airlines 75K Gold MVP has many perks to enhance your travel experience, but did you know that one of the biggest perks isn’t even for you?

Each year that you qualify as a 75K Gold MVP, you can gift MVP status – Alaska Airlines’ entry-level elite status – to a friend or family member. Here’s what you need to know to use this perk.

The advantages of MVP Gold 75K

But first, let’s recap what’s included in Alaska Airlines’ first tier level, MVP Gold 75K:

  • 125% mileage bonus on every Alaska Airlines flight.

  • 50,000 bonus miles when you qualify for 75,000 each year.

  • Four Gold upgrades confirmed to first class.

  • Four free day passes to any Alaska lounge.

  • Unlimited upgrades to First Class, Premium Class, or additional legroom, where applicable.

  • Two free checked bags for you and your companions.

  • Ability to nominate someone for MVP status.

Steps to Awarding Alaska MVP Status

Provide your information

You will be asked for your own information as a proposing member, including full name, mileage plan number, and email address.

Enter your candidate’s information

Then enter the same information for the person you want to propose.

You will then see a confirmation of your submission.

Wait for approval

Someone has Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan will review the information and process the application. Once the decision is made, the recipient will receive a confirmation email to welcome them to their new status.

As a donor, you will not receive confirmation that the application has been approved. If you want to make sure everything has gone well, consult your friend or family member.

What the Alaska MVP includes

Once your recipient’s appointment is approved, they will immediately begin enjoying the benefits of MVP status:

  • 50% bonus on earning base miles.

  • Unlimited upgrades when available.

  • Priority boarding and check-in.

This 50% bonus on base miles earned means more miles each time they fly, helping them reach the next tier of status faster while earning redeemable miles faster.

Unlimited Upgrades work like this: Anytime a better seat is available on the same flight, they will have access to the extra legroom and all the other perks of that cabin – whether it’s first class or premium class.

Nerd tip: You can give this benefit to one person each year, but it doesn’t always have to be the same person. You can change the person annually or rename the same person; keep in mind that you must resubmit the nomination form every year.

How Alaska Airlines’ Status Improves Further

In March 2021, Alaska Airlines joined the Oneworld alliance – a group of 13 airlines, of which American Airlines was a founding member, which team up to provide benefits to travelers. Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan MVP status members will automatically be eligible for Oneworld Ruby status.

Other benefits of this status include access to priority check-in in business class and free preferred or pre-booked seats. Oneworld Ruby status holders also get priority when they are on a waiting list and on hold, giving members a head start over other non-status passengers.

The bottom line

If you’ve achieved MVP Gold 75K status in Alaska Airlines’ Mileage Plan, you have the option to gift a friend or family member a better way to travel for a year. And because your recipient’s new MVP status gets them 50% more miles every time they travel, your gift could help them continue to enjoy elite status for years to come. Plus, with Alaska Airlines becoming a member of the vast Oneworld alliance, your donation can go even further.

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