How to identify a suspicious person in Nairobi


It is former President Uhuru Kenyatta who reaffirmed that security begins with individuals, not governments.

Events over the past month in the city of Nairobi have drawn attention to the need to be prepared for a wide variety of emergencies, especially when walking on the streets.

Courageous robberies and killings have forced the National Police to reassess its level of preparedness.

TBEN on a street in downtown Nairobi City.


While the police have released a list of places they consider hotspots in Nairobi, it goes without saying that individual preparedness is key.

According to experts, the awareness and preparedness of members of the public is the most important part of limiting safety.

TBEN are always advised to stay away from active security emergencies such as when someone is robbed.

This is because an active attacker poses a threat to everyone, including those not directly involved.

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An active attacker is a person engaged in destruction or theft of property, including theft by force.

In most cases, there is no pattern or method for their selection of victims, apart from the fact that the victims may be in the right place at the wrong times.

The unpredictability of crime is precisely the reason why residents should be vigilant for suspicious persons, as outlined by the Kenyan police.

The National Police has listed five recognizable factors that a person can take into account when identifying a suspicious character.

1. Sudden change in behavior when seen

Criminals tend to exhibit a sudden, unwanted, or uncontrollable personality change when they come into eye contact with their target.

This could be the sign of a serious personality disorder condition that forces them to withdraw or become aggressive.

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It could also be due to the fact that they do not want to be identified by the target.

2. Dressing inappropriately for the weather or the occasion

It is noted that any well-meaning person will dress appropriately for the occasion, especially with an eye to the environment.

Criminals, on the other hand, will choose to dress differently to hide the weapon they are carrying.

Robbers will most likely cover their face with caps and chest area with oversized jackets to conceal weapons.

3. Wandering eyes

A wandering eye can be the result of a type of eye condition known as strabismus or tropia, but it can also be a sign of a suspicious disposition.

In the case of a medical condition, a wandering eye can be caused by damage to the retina or the muscles that control the eye.

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It can also be due to a stroke or brain injury, or an uncorrected refractive error such as farsightedness.

It’s important to look anyone you get close in the eye, and show courage while being careful.

4. Carrying property on unusual parts of the body

Criminals have been known to carry knives or handguns around their waists, especially if they are attached to their pants.

It is important to always be careful of people who hide their waist unnecessarily.

5. Small group tries to surround an individual

It is quite normal for a group of criminals to be wary of any interruption to their plans and operations.

As such, they usually operate within a situational context where they always try to surround their victims.

Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome

Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome


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