How to reach South African entrepreneurs?


BusinessTech is the largest and most influential business publication in South Africa.

It is read every day by C-level executives, business owners, business leaders, managers and professionals – and plays a key role in the business and personal lives of these readers.

On a monthly basis, BusinessTech’s readers include:

  • CEO/Director – 131,000
  • Business Owner – 856,000
  • Higher management – 712,000
  • Middle management – 1,331,000
  • Junior Management – 1,085,000
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These readers have a lot of influence in the companies they work for and are responsible for a range of strategic and purchasing decisions.

BusinessTech’s readers are also highly influential in their household, with the majority being a purchase decision maker in their household.

Advertise on BusinessTech

Thanks to its excellent audience, BusinessTech is the perfect place to promote your B2B and B2C brands, products and services.

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BusinessTech offers excellent advertising opportunities that make it easy to reach your target market.

This includes sponsored social media empowerment articles, display takeovers, display banners, video interviews, dedicated mailers, and more.

BusinessTech also takes care of all aspects of an advertising campaign – including content creation, campaign execution, performance optimization and report production.

For more information about to advertise on BusinessTech, click here.

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