HTC launches new headset with VR and MR functions


HTC launches new headset with VR and MR functions

HTC recently unveiled its latest consumer headset, the Vive XR Elite.

The HTC Vive XR Elite combines both VR and MR capabilities a color RGB pass-through camera and support hand tracking function. This enables a new dimension of MR scenarios, such as playing games when characters run over the furniture, real-time overlays on musical instruments, and the ultimate workstation with multiple virtual screens while still being able to use your physical keyboard and mouse.

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The HTC Vive XR Elit debuts with the largest lineup of launch titles ever, featuring 100 new pieces of MR and VR content including Demeo, Hubris, Maestro, Les Mills Body Combat, FigminXR, Unplugged and Finger Gun. More content titles are coming later this year.

With a weight of only 625 gcan the HTC Vive XR Elite connect to a PC via USB-C to access PCVR content from VivePort and Steam, and supports wireless PC streaming via Wi-Fi. The headphones too supports wireless streaming content (e.g. Netflix, Disney+, Fortnite) from a compatible Android phone.

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The HTC Vive XR Elite can transform into a goggle form factor with its sleek, modular design. All you have to do is remove the battery and insert the Vive XR Elite sleeping pads. The redesigned hinge allows the headset’s extended arms to wrap around your head, just like the front and back of a traditional all-in-one.

Other specifications include four wide FOV cameras, 6DoF spatial accuracya depth sensor, capacitive detection for finger movements on the controllers, 4K resolution, adjustable lenses, battery life up to 2 hours with full XR use30W fast charging via USB-C PD and a removable cloth face pack.

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The price of the HTC Vive XR Elite is $1,699, and comes with 2 controllers and a battery case. Local availability is unknown at time of publication.

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