Huge fire rips through China Telecom office building


Terrifying footage shows dozens of stories of an office building in a skyscraper that went up in flames Friday afternoon during a catastrophic fire in China.

The 200-meter-high China Telecom building in Changsha, the capital of southern Hunan province, “burned with great intensity,” state broadcaster CCTV said. Videos of the fire shared online showed huge plumes of black smoke rising into the sky as flames seemed to erupt from almost the entire height of the building.

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According to state media, the fire was extinguished, Reuters reports. The Hunan Fire Department said no victims had been found, Singaporean outlet TBEN reported, adding that preliminary investigations suggested the outer wall of the 42-storey tower had caught fire.

A video shared on Twitter that claimed to show the early stages of the fire showed people inside the building running for the exits.

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In a statement posted on social media, China Telecom said: “Today, around 4:30 PM, the fire in our communication tower No. 2 in Changsha was extinguished. No victims have yet been discovered and communication has not been cut.”


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