Husband’s reason for taking husband’s laptop from work without asking raises anger


A Reddit user has divided opinion after sharing how they borrowed their partner’s work laptop to check social media, leading him to go to work unknowingly.

The divisive post was shared on Reddit on Jan. 11 by user u/Fannest43 via the AITA thread, in which he explained that they wanted to check Facebook, so borrowed his laptop, and then “got an angry call from him asking where his laptop was”.

“I said I borrowed it to check my Facebook login, but he ranted about how I was hurting him at work by taking it without asking,” the since-deleted post continues. “I reminded him who bought this laptop to begin with, but he said it was a gift from me. Granted, I felt sorry for him and wanted to get him a good laptop for work, but is it a bad thing?”

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The dilemma has divided opinion as some see it as an unintentional minor mistake, others see it as crossing a line.

Angry wife and husband arguing about unexpected debts or expenses. A social media user has been criticized online for taking her husband’s work laptop to check Facebook.
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According to a survey by YouGov America, about 30 percent of couples in a serious relationship argue once a week or more, while 28 percent argue once a month.

The survey tested 1,000 American couples by 2022 to find out why couples fight the most. While the results showed that most couples argued over tone or attitude, earning 39 percent of the vote, the second most contested category included money and communication styles, showing up in 28 percent of responses.

Since miscommunication seems to be a common problem experienced by many American couples, News week spoke to Teresa Lodato, an author, coach, and facilitator who has worked with many couples and individuals to improve their personal lives.

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said Lodato News weekThe majority of times couples argue over seemingly petty discretions are due to a lack of communication. This particular situation could have been avoided if the wife simply asked her husband if she could borrow it.

“What usually happens in otherwise healthy relationships is that one or both people make assumptions about the other without checking in with their partner.

“To remedy this immediately, be curious and empathetic with your partner, trying to understand where they are at any given moment.”

Woman was slapped for borrowing her husband's work laptop
Stressed unhappy couple arguing about expenses with laptop and papers. A Reddit user has been slammed online after using her husband’s work laptop for social media.
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The post quickly garnered more than 10,000 comments and 25,000 votes on Reddit from shocked social media users. While the commentators had mixed feelings, the vast majority sided with the husband and felt the original poster was wrong.

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A person passing by you/LadyStuntbear commented, “Imagine having to say to your boss: I’m really sorry I have to come to work without proper equipment, but you have to understand my wife just had to check Facebook ” .

Another user of the u/daemin account unashamedly posted saying, “It seems like she wants it both ways: she wants credit for buying him a nice gift, but also wants the right to use it whenever she wants because she bought it. But it’s one or the other, it’s his and she needs permission to use it, or it’s hers and it wasn’t a gift.”

News week contacted u/Fannest43 for comment. We were unable to verify the details of the case.

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