I didn’t want to settle’: Trump says he didn’t want to settle New York tax fraud case


Former President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he has turned down an offer every three-year investigation into whether his eponymous real estate company has committed massive amounts of tax fraud, saying paying “even a small amount” would be tantamount to pleading guilty.

“I met them. I actually thought they wanted to settle, but I didn’t want to settle because even if I paid a very small amount, how can you plead some sort of debt,” Trump said during an interview on Wednesday night on TBEN News. hanny.

The twice-indicted ex-president appeared to be throwing the blame for what New York State Attorney General Letitia James said was a years-long effort by the twice-indicted ex-president, who she says “cheated us all” by blowing up his net. “to unjustly enrich himself and defraud the system” to the banks that lent his company money based on the false valuations he put out for ten years from 2011-2021.

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“Claiming you have money you don’t does not boil down to the art of the deal, it’s the art of stealing,” Ms James continued, referring to Mr Trump’s most famous book.

She added that his status as a former president should not have any bearing on whether he is held to the same standard as anyone else when it comes to complying with the law.

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“There can’t be different rules for different people in this country or in this state,” she said.

Ms. James claims that the Trump Organization and its representatives made more than 200 false and misleading assessments of its assets over a 10-year period.


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