“I too have to face the consequences”: Arti Singh talks about the public fallout of his brother Krushna Abhishek and his uncle Govinda


The public feud between actor-comedian Krushna Abhishek and lead actor Govinda is no secret. In the past two years alone, the pair have refused to share a scene and their wives – Kashmera Shah and Sunita Ahuja, respectively, have officially fought each other, making everyone know their dislike of one another. for the other.

And now it looks like their brawl is taking its toll on Krushna’s sister Arti Singh’s relationship with Govinda, who recently revealed her uncle and family aren’t speaking to her due to their fallout with her brother Krushna and his wife Kashmera Shah.

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Speaking of the consequences of the public fallout from his brother Krushna and his uncle Govinda, Arti Singh told thebharatexpressnews.com that “chi chi mama (Govinda) was not talking to him”. “Whatever problem has arisen between them, I too have to face the consequences. Chi chi mama and her family are no longer talking to me,” Arti Singh told the portal.

When asked if she tried to intervene and fix the issue, Arti said she told Krushna about it. Hoping that the problem between his brother and his uncle will be resolved soon, Arti said, “Both parties have said some things to each other. However, in the end, we are a family. I can only hope that the animosity will soon be resolved and we can go back to the good times. I told Krushna about it, and now it’s mum to forgive her.

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For the uninformed, the first major fallout from Govinda and Krushan came in 2018 following a social media post from Krushna’s wife, Kashmera, where she spoke of “people dancing for fun. ‘money’, which apparently was ‘misunderstood’ by Govinda’s wife, Sunita, as intended for him. and the very popular actor. Therefore, the two families never looked each other in the eye.

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