I tried the Quarter Pounder with Cheese for the first time. It is now my favorite McDonald’s burger.


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For many die-hard McDonald’s fans in Singapore, the Quarter Pounder with Cheese was an iconic staple on the menu.

But when McDonald’s decided to discontinue it in 2017, many were outraged.

This was done to make way for the Original Angus Cheeseburger (from S$6.60)which is part of the fast food restaurant’s Signature Collection.

His return to Safra Yishun

Fortunately for Quarter Pounder aficionados, the burger has finally returned, albeit on a trial basis, at the Safra Yishun outlet.

Video by Russell Ang.

I was kindly requested (read: arrowed) by my supervisor to go to Yishun to try the burger for myself.

Disclaimer: I never tried the Quarter Pounder with Cheese before it was discontinued.

Also, my go-to McDonald’s order is the? Double Cheeseburger (from S$3.90). How different can these two burgers be?

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Editor: Oh, boy.

First impression

From the start, the overall presentation of the burger was eye-catching.

Consisting of two beef patties, two slices of cheese, sliced ​​pickles, shredded onions, and ketchup, this is definitely a chonkier version of the Double Cheeseburger.

As it should be, because I had to pay €10.25 for an extra large Double Quarter Pounder with cheese meal.

Photo by Russell Ang.

A single patty version starts from € 6.75.

After taking a bite, I can safely say that the addition of the sesame bun alone kicks things up a notch.

Photo by Russell Ang.

Now, if you’re a McDonald’s connoisseur like me, you’d probably be thinking, “Um, the Big Mac has the exact same sesame bun, what.”

Well, yes. But not really.

As for the taste, the Quarter Pounder’s buns taste fresher compared to the Big Mac’s sesame buns. It also gave the Quarter Pounder a richer and crispier texture.

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Or it could just be the Yishun sky, I don’t know.

The beef patty was definitely the main highlight. Not only was it super juicy (compared to the poor guy’s double cheeseburger), but it was seasoned well.

While I’m not the biggest fan of pickles, I was pleasantly surprised by how well the sweet, tangy flavor complemented the savory patty.

Most cheeseburgers have a hard time finding a balance with the cheese, which often makes the burger taste jelak. However, this one had just the right amount to increase the overall flavor of the burger.

My only complaint: be more generous with the ketchup.

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Worth the hype?

As someone who has tried this without any nostalgia for it, I now get the hype.

Compared to its other counterparts like the Original Angus Cheeseburger, I’d say the Quarter Pounder feels like a more “complete” cheeseburger.

While it’s a tad more expensive than its other burgers, believe me when I say it’s definitely worth every penny.

Sorry Double Cheeseburger (and my wallet), the Quarter Pounder with Cheese now takes the throne as my favorite McDonald’s burger.

verdict: 4.5/5. Will travel to Yishun again for this.

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Top image by Russell Ang.