I was in shock, says man allegedly assaulted by nurse at Mount Elizabeth Novena private clinic


SINGAPORE: A patient who went to a private clinic at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital for an endoscopy was shocked to wake up to a man who twice assaulted him while recovering from a procedure for which he had been sedating.

The second time this happened, the man felt his hospital gown lifted up to his chest in the dark room, followed by a flashlight that appeared to be coming from a phone camera.

The patient asked “what are you doing?” The person in the room with him – whose face he couldn’t make out but who was dressed in a white top and dark background – responded by calling the patient’s name and asking if his stomach was okay, Before leaving.

After the 26-year-old patient called for help, his doctor reportedly told him to keep it ‘at a minimum’, while a nurse asked if he was sure it was the accused’s phone. .

The patient testified about his ordeal on Monday February 22 at the start of the trial against the nurse director of the clinic Ivan Lee Yi Wang, 31.

Lee challenges two charges of using criminal force on the patient to scandalize his modesty in the recovery department of a private clinic at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital on October 31, 2018. TBEN does not appoint the clinic to protect the identity of the patient.

The patient, who works in a marketing-related role, spoke for the prosecution and recounted how he was referred to the clinic by a general practitioner for stomach pain.

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He first met Lee when Lee checked him in at the clinic, then received a WhatsApp from Lee’s personal number about a follow-up appointment. Thinking this was “odd” as he felt that clinic staff generally did not contact patients directly, the patient contacted the clinic separately to make an appointment.

On the day of the endoscopy, the patient was briefed on the procedure by Lee, before changing into a hospital gown. He was sedated for the procedure – which involves the insertion of a tube into the digestive tract – and later placed in a recovery room.

The patient testified that he was awakened by the sensation that something was stroking his private parts on several occasions. There was a “grip” like a hand around his penis, he said.

“I saw a flashlight that looks like it came from a phone. The stroking continued until I made a movement to lie on my back, then the stroking ceased, ”said the patient, who had been lying slightly to his right before that.

“I didn’t see the face but saw that he was dressed in white and (with) black pants. Judging by the figure and the shape of the body, I could tell it was a man. “, he said.

“I think I was in shock and just wanted it to stop and (I could) continue to rest.”


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He said he wondered what had happened and was a bit in shock, so he didn’t immediately call a nurse. He suspected it was the accused, whom he saw dressed in a white top and black pants before being taken to the wheel for the proceedings.

After a while, the person returned and lifted their gown up to their chest, the patient said.

“I could feel a sudden blast of cold air. My body was quite cold too and the stroking also continued with a flashlight when I woke up,” he said. “I asked -” what are you doing? “

He explained that he had “come to a point where it was too shocking that I had to end it.”

“I just didn’t feel good to have been woken up again by someone stroking my penis,” he said.

The person in the room stopped stroking and moved their hand to the patient’s stomach. He asked, “(patient’s name), is your stomach okay?”

The voice was “certainly” a man’s, the patient said, adding that Lee had referred to him by name in his WhatsApp messages.

After that, the person left the room and the patient pressed a nurse call button, fearing that Lee would return to the room. Three nurses finally arrived and he told them what had happened.


He said he “knew” it was Lee and showed the nurses the WhatsApp message he sent her, and said he saw Lee dressed in white and black. Soon the doctor entered the room.

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“(The doctor) told me that it was up to me to decide if I wanted to report to the police, but he said that this kind of problem should be kept low,” the patient said. “It was like he was just trying to protect himself and his clinic.”

He was reassigned to another nurse, who showed Patient Lee’s phone gallery.

“She said there was nothing here. She said – are you sure it’s her phone, we’re pretty busy today and we don’t have time to use the phone or to take pictures. She said – ‘are you sure it was a flashlight, maybe the flashlight was from the BP (blood pressure) machine, “the patient said.

“I felt accused and asked her if she was trying to accuse me of saying something that hadn’t happened, and I also noted that it couldn’t be from the BP machine because the machine was at the same level as my head. “

After that, he told two security officers what had happened and he believed they had called the police, who later arrived at the scene.

Lee is represented by a team of attorneys led by Mr. Peter Low. If convicted of sexual assault, Lee could be jailed for up to two years, fined, caned, or any combination of those penalties by indictment.



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