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Indian tennis will be buzzing with plenty of activity next month with 78 tournaments, including the pending 2020 national championships and six ITF tournaments, taking place across the country after a halt in action caused by the COVID-19 pandemic . After the 2020 schedule was turned upside down by the pandemic, the All India Tennis Association (AITA) is clearing the backlog and has scheduled the men’s and women’s national hard court championships to start on March 15. The other national championships in the age category will be played throughout the month.

There will also be 45 Ranking Series events – 10 Talent Series, 3 Championship Series and one National Series, as scheduled by IATA.

ITF tournaments will start with the USD 15,000 men’s event in Lucknow and a similar women’s event in Delhi from March 1.

The week of March 8 will see a $ 15,000 men’s event in Indore and a $ 25,000 tournament in Pune, which will also host a $ 15,000 men’s event from March 22.

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The Department of Sports has helped by providing financial support through the ACCT (Annual Training and Competition Calendar) funds, making the hosts’ job a little easy as finding sponsors for the tennis tournaments doesn has never been a simple task for stakeholders.

IATA Secretary General Anil Dhupar said the national federation is committed to helping the players and also recognized the help offered by the government.

“We are resuming the action. At the ACCT meeting with officials from the Sports Ministry, we were asked if we would be able to quickly prepare a roadmap. We presented the proposal to them and it was approved immediately, ”Dhupar told PTI.

“Players have the opportunity to play competitive tennis after 10 months. We are determined to play our part, which is why we have decided to have two national championships this year. Fenesta will be back later this year for the 2021 championships. “

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For the first time ever, Haryana State will host the National Senior Hard Court Championship, which will be held in Gurugram at the Tennis Project.

The academy, owned by Indian Fed Cup captain Vishal Uppal, has six floodlit courts. The Rs 10-lakh Prize Money event (for men and women), starting March 15, offers a financial reward of Rs 62,000 to the winners.

This is far less than the Rs 5 lakh handbag that is given to winners at the regular Fenesta Nationals, but players will benefit from much needed practice before ITF tournaments.

“It’s a big responsibility for us as Haryana has never hosted a senior league before. It’s a big deal for us. As the ITF events are coming up, it will help the players prepare for them. matches and to be specific, ”Uppal told PTI.

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“All players will be required to produce negative RT-PCR test reports and a parent or coach will be allowed to accompany the player. All ITF guidelines will be followed. We are also hosting Haryana Open prior to the national championships,” a- he declared.

The prize money for the winners could be lifted, it was learned. Pune will host the National Under-12 (March 8-14), Under-14 (March 14-22) and Under-16 (April 5-11) Championships, while Indore will host the event for under-18s from March. 29.


IATA also fielded a Super Series, Rs 1 lakh men’s and women’s events in addition to tournaments for seniors, wheelchair players and juniors.

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