Idiots’, ‘really weird group’: Kim Jong Un’s sister blames South Korea for doing this


Kim Yo Jong, sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who plays a key role in the state’s public affairs, called the South Korean administration a “ fool ” at the top of the “ “ world list of misconduct ” for its role in hunting down an army. parade in Pyongyang which took place this weekend.

North Korea’s state-run Central Korean News Agency reported on the statement it made.

The statements were made by her after a rare congressional meeting of the ruling party in North Korea. At the meeting, Kim Jong Un pledged to further develop his country’s nuclear capabilities and admitted his mistakes in managing the economy, TBEN reported.

It appears that Kim Yo Jong may have suffered a demotion because his name does not appear on the lists of appointees to the party’s central committee, having previously been a substitute member.

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Yet she still remains a key adviser to her brother, and her comments seem to suggest that she plays a crucial role in North Korean diplomacy.

It is worth mentioning that the South Korean military said on Monday it had detected “signs that North Korea was holding a congress-related military parade” in the middle of the night in Kim Il Sung Square in the capital. Pyongyang, which could have been “real event or its repeat”.

Kim Yo Jong confirmed the holding of a “military parade in the capital”, but rejected any “military exercises targeting anyone or launching anything”. Angered by the development, Kim Yo Jong called South Korea’s actions “senseless” and demonstrating a “hostile attitude”.

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When the eight-day convention, the first of its kind since 2016, opened last week, Kim Yo Jong, who is said to be around 32, sat on the leadership podium, standing out among the party cadres. often elderly and predominantly male. But when Congress announced on Monday a list of 30 alternate and titular Politburo members, including Kim Jong Un, 37, his name was not there.

Kim Yo Jong has not been purged or forced out of politics, a fate some officials encountered under Kim Jong Un, and she still retains her membership in the party’s Central Committee, also a high-level body. But when she released a statement on Wednesday criticizing South Korea, state media identified her as a “deputy director of the party”, a rank below her former title of “first deputy director of the party.” department”.

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Kim Jong Un is urging his 25 million people to join his leadership in overcoming what he has called his country’s “worst difficulties”. North Korea has faced economic shocks related to coronaviruses, a wave of natural disasters last summer, and persistent sanctions from the United States for its pursuit of illicit nuclear weapons. During the congress, Kim pledged to expand his nuclear arsenal and build a stronger and more self-reliant economy.