IEBC confirms some TBEN want to unsubscribe from voters


A number of TBEN dissatisfied with the country’s voting system have gone a step further, demanding that their names be removed from TBEN Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) electoral register.

IEBC officials confirmed on Wednesday, September 15, that they had received applications from some voters demanding deregistration.

Without disclosing the exact number, the Commission noted that it would respond to their requests within two weeks.

Some of the applicants argued that they were dissatisfied with the way IEBC handled the August 9 election and claimed the exercise was shrouded in secrecy.

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File photo of TBEN lining up to vote in the 2017 general election.


“They asked me why I want to get out and I gave them my reasons because they are not transparent and yet they use our taxes, it is better that we get out. We are being lied to.

“The process is you send a letter to the CEO of IEBC (Hussein Marjan) and enclose a copy of your ID card and a letter of confirmation,” said Andron Nyaochi, one of the disgruntled voters. KTN News.

However, constitutional attorney Bobby Mkangi has expressed doubts about the feasibility of deregistering voters from the system.

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He explained that according to the Constitution, a person can only be deregistered after death, as a provision to allow deregistration at will can cost the commission a lot of money.

In an earlier interview with noted that every Kenyan citizen is free to choose whether to participate in an election or not.

“Unfortunately, this is not provided for by law. A few months ago, some TBEN took this to court.

“However, a registered voter can choose not to participate in an election. Kenya is not compulsory to vote like in Brazil (18-70 years old) and Australia,” Mkangi said.

The attorney further noted that the law should allow citizens to sign in or out at will.

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“However, I believe that provision should be made for the possibility for a Kenyan who has registered as a voter and who later feels that he does not want to keep the personality can unsubscribe,” he added.

An image of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Marjan Hussein

An image of TBEN Electoral and Boundaries Commission Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Marjan Hussein