‘If China dares to launch an invasion of Taiwan, then…’: Taiwan MP lashes out at Beijing over military exercises


If Chinese naval forces invade Taiwan’s territorial seas while Beijing is conducting military exercises off the island’s coast, it would be considered an invasion, Taiwan parliamentarian Wang Ting-yu said.

Ting-yu, a member of Taiwan’s Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committees, noted that the island values ​​democracy, freedom and human rights, which gives it the confidence and strength to face any external threat.

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“We don’t want a military conflict. But if China dares to invade Taiwan, they will pay the price they can’t afford,” Ting-yu warned.

“China fired 11 missiles at Taiwan at three different locations a little far from the island. This is the first time since 1996 that China has fired missiles at Taiwan. The situation is tense, but we are confident that the situation is under control .” he added.

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“The Chinese military threat is real, concrete and huge. No matter who visits Taiwan, China uses its military to threaten us every day,” said Ting-yu, adding that even before Nancy Pelosi’s visit, Chinese planes the island’s air defense zone.

A Chinese military incursion within 10 miles of the Taiwanese coast would almost certainly trigger defense measures from the Taiwan Ministry of Defense, raising the potential of a miscalculation leading to military conflict.

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Chinese military expert Zhang Xuefeng told the Chinese party-affiliated Global Times on Wednesday that China has sovereignty over the island and that Taiwan’s territorial seas are also China’s territorial waters.

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