IMO government screams at fleeing entrepreneurs for money refund – TBEN


A petitioner for the Osun Judicial Commission of Police Brutality recounted how agents from the now disbanded Special Anti-Theft Squad demanded the sum of 1.5 million naira to secure his release from detention in 2016.

Alhaji Adanku Oyinlola, from the Baale community of Olobedu in the Ota Efun region, Osogbo, who spoke at the panel session on Thursday, claimed to be arrested at his home, without any notification of his offense .

Adanku explained that he suffered inhuman treatment at the hands of police officers who moved him from one division to another intra-state, interstate and interregional.

He recounted how the police who transported him on a white Hummer bus, handcuffed him, covered his face and put out cigarette butts on his head.

He further recounted how he was transferred to Abuja (Zone 3, Abattoir) and the division demanded the sum of one million five hundred naira (1,500,000 N) to process his bond.

He said that because he could not afford the demand, he was forced to give a directive for the sale of his sister’s land for the sum of 700,000 naira which he used for the settlement.

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Corroborating Adanku’s story, Busari Quadri Adetunji, one of the witnesses (PW3), said that Adanku was initially arrested and taken to Area 11 in Osogbo.

According to him: “When we arrived in Area 11, we met Superintendent Omoyele, who told us that they had an order from Abuja to arrest Alhaji Adanku, although he claimed that his offenses did not had not been established. Others we spoke to, including CSP Adesokan, said they didn’t know what it was.

“After about four days of repeated visits, Superintendent Omoyeley finally claimed that this was a murder case and that we could settle it at the zone level with 600,000 N, but we were unable to collect that 200,000 N.

“After receiving the money from us, he said that we had to come the next day at 10 am, so that the problem could be solved with the Abuja team. We appeared as agreed a few minutes before the specified time, with Osogbo’s Ataoja (whom we had offered to help us dig into), but were told the Abuja team had already left with Alhaji Adanku, ”Busari said.

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He added that after the petitioner was taken to Abuja, he traveled to Abuja (along with other community representatives), to the Zone 3 (Abbattoir) office where he met an inspector Muyiwa. who declared that the case could be settled out of court as soon as the sum of 1,500,000 N.

He continued, “Inspector Muyiwa told us that the amount requested was not the deposit, but the costs necessary to proceed with his release. We gave him N300,000 that day, and he asked us to come back in six days with the balance. After six days, we came back with 400,000 N and it took the plea of ​​a Balogun superintendent for the money to be received from us.

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“We were then given a bond form to fill out and asked to reappear with Alhaji Adanku in eight days with the balance of N 800,000. We did not come back after eight days, on the contrary, Alhaji went to court. to file a complaint for illegal detention and violation of basic human rights.

“The officers did not appear in court. A judgment was eventually rendered in his favor and he received the sum of N 100,000 (although he claimed the sum of N 10,000,000), ”Busari added.

In the meantime, the Judicial Commission of Inquiry has asked Inspector Muyiwa and Superintendent Omoyele to appear before the commission on the next adjournment date, Thursday, February 18, 2021.

The petitioner, Adanku, also expressed confidence in the Panel’s activities, stating that although the tribunal’s verdict has not yet been implemented until the time of his appearance before the panel, the Panel’s processes allow him to believe that the matter will receive the attention it deserves.


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