In Madhya Pradesh, woman beaten up, chemical was poured into her eyes


Police arrested two defendants in connection with the incident.

21-year-old woman from Panna District, Madhya Pradesh suffered severe eye damage after some residents of her village kidnapped her and her brother, beat them and then poured an acidic chemical on her in the eyes.

The woman, who was admitted to Panna District Hospital, has now been referred to a medical school in Rewa.

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A resident of Barauha village in Panna district, the woman told media that she and her brother were kidnapped yesterday by villagers on suspicion of helping a village girl escape with a man.

After kidnapping them, the accused allegedly took them to a forest area and assaulted them. They also harassed the woman, and when she objected, poured an acid-like chemical into both eyes and rubbed them.

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“They brutally beat me and my brother. Later, one of them attacked me with tezab (acid). They then dropped us in the village and escaped, ”she told reporters.

Panna District Police Commissioner Dharmraj Meena said police registered a case and arrested two defendants within five hours of the complaint. The accused, he said, were found using the cyber cell.