In photos: see the stunning “Harvest Moon” rise in the night sky across the world


Have you seen the “Harvest Moon? Perhaps the most famous full moon of the year, our natural satellite has wowed moon lovers and photographers around the world in recent nights, and here is proof.

Running at full speed at 7:55 PM EDT on September 20, 2021, the “Harvest Moon” is so called because it once helped farmers bring in crops late at night.

The famous September Full Moon was immortalized in modern memory with Neil Young’s magnificent single in 1992. His song has since been covered by dozens of singers, including Rufus Wainwright.

This month’s “Harvest Moon” was the last full moon of the northern hemisphere summer and occurred just two days before the fall or fall equinox.

It is in fact this precise timing that earned it the coveted name; the full moon that occurs closest to the equinox is given the title of “Harvest Moon”.

The Moon is one of the great unifying constants of life on Earth; it controls the tides, the light at night and — some would say — our sleep patterns.

It is perhaps because we do not always see it that the Moon remains mysterious. It’s also extremely impactful; if you’ve caught it at moonrise for the past two nights, you’ll have noticed its fleeting yellow and orange colors as it rose, before it turned bright, white again, and almost too dazzling for you. to be watched.

The physics behind the color of a moonrise is explained by Rayleigh scattering. Oxygen and nitrogen molecules in Earth’s atmosphere are narrower than the wavelength of red light, so red light passes while blue light does not.

The remaining full moons of the year are the “Hunter’s Moon” on October 20, the “Beaver Moon” on November 19, and the “Cold Moon” on December 18.

The November Full Moon will be the choice of the peloton as the “Beaver Moon” will be partially eclipsed by Earth.

Visible from North and South America, Northern Europe, East Asia, Australia and the Pacific, observers will see 97% of the Moon turn a reddish color in about three and a half hours .

This “Half-Blood Beaver Moon” will be something special, but it’s always hard to beat the romance of a “Harvest Moon”.

I wish you clear skies and big eyes.