Indian security forces to have new Taliban training and combat module: Reports


As the Taliban have announced their cabinet and taken control of the nation, Indian border forces and police units deployed under the Counterterrorism Grid will now train under a new module, which will be based on the insurgent group and its modus operandi.

Security forces in India have been tasked by the central security establishment to prepare a new training and combat package, bearing in mind the current situation in Afghanistan and how the Taliban have taken control of the nation.

According to media reports, Indian ground forces and security intelligence have been urged to prepare a new strategy, tactics and combat program on the new “geopolitical situation in Central and South Asia and its grave implications in terms of security at the borders of India and the hinterland.

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The move was made with in mind the impact of the fall of Kabul to the Taliban last month on the security situation in India. The new module to be prepared by the Indian security forces will take into account several scenarios, including terrorist attacks and border conflicts.

India’s security establishments will also prepare for a scenario where cross-border infiltration is possible from Pakistan and increased illegal entry of terrorist operatives from open fronts in the east, due to fighters. foreign terrorists.

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These new developments in the security forces training module were introduced after the Taliban took control of Kabul last month and the United States withdrew its troops from the country, after 20 years of war, which began. because of the September 11 attacks.

An existing title ‘Changing dynamics of border management’ will also be updated based on recent developments in existing training modules of border guard forces such as BSF and SSB, state police units and those involved in counterterrorism missions such as the CRPF and Jammu. and the Kashmir Police.

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According to media reports, a module consisting of training, intelligence and combat techniques based on the Taliban, their leadership and their modus operandi is currently being prepared for the further development of our security forces.