Indoor socializing is back – these are the new rules for birthdays, parties and events


Minimizing face-to-face contact and personal contact with food, plates and cutlery will also be essential. At the back of the house, this can be achieved with PPE and zoning. This isn’t the end of canapes, however. The front of the house can be more discreet, for example canapes served on small mixed trays to each guest, each surmounted by a miniature bell.

For stand-up events, rather than tray service, food and drink could be picked up from a nicely protected serving area. A good caterer will approach each new challenge with an eye on the beauty of the experience and the presentation.

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Hosts will desperately want to make sure their guests feel comfortable

Jn: Hosts will need to ensure that their guests have carefully considered the overall security of the event and that it has been planned with a trusted provider who has taken all necessary steps and more.

They should follow up on invitations with a “house rules” note, so everyone knows the basics. These may include planned distances between guests, how the party will run, areas that cannot be used / visited and how staff will interact with them.

In the early days there will be a new etiquette for navigating and it’s up to the host, guided by the vendors, to lead the way.

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A butler or event manager will politely ensure that protocol is followed in a way that does not prevent people from having fun.

The service will be slightly different

JN: The space and how the staff can move around it should dictate the approach to the service. Service staff will need to keep a little more distance, moderate their pace a bit to deliver food and drink in a measured and thoughtful manner. Professional and charming supervision of the room will be even more important than before.

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Covid-19 is a respiratory disease. It is not known to be transmitted through exposure to food or food packaging, so the focus is on person-to-person transmission, supported by maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness in our prep spaces. as well as in the event space.

There will be fewer weddings and events abroad in the near future

JR: However, as things return to normal, people will want to celebrate abroad – personally, I can’t wait to return to Venice or the Shutters on Santa Monica Beach.