Inside video of Rakhi Sawant’s luxurious home in Dubai with stylish interiors


Rakhi Sawant, a Bollywood actress, is known for her quirkiness and tendency to make headlines because of her ex-husband and current boyfriend Adil.

The actress has just bought an expensive house in Dubai and images of the interior have gone viral.

She may be heard in the video stating that she has a 7-year loan after purchasing the house.

Watch the video here

For the inexperienced, a video went viral showing Rakhi’s car causing a huge traffic jam on a busy road as she posed for the cameras.

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As soon as this video went viral, netizens started beating her. One of the social media users wrote: “Road tera baap ka hai kya.” The second said, “Chalan banwa diya tumne bhai, wait kro ab kl ka.” The third person requested the Mumbai Police to investigate the matter and take action against her. He said: “This is bad she can’t disturb the traffic for common people, Mumbai police should take action on this.”

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Meanwhile, Rakhi Sawant has a different, funny, absurd take on Ranveer Singh’s latest photo shoot. Sawant was spotted with her friend Adil Durrani on Friday afternoon and shared her vision of Ranveer. Rakhi stated that ‘monkeys stole Singh’s clothes’. Do you want to know more?

Well, a few hours later, Rakhi was noticed by the Dads again, and this time Sawant was cheerful. Rakhi stepped out of a building and revealed, “Ranveer dost hai mera…usne mujhe I love you bola hai.” If you think she’s lying, you’re wrong this time. Singh actually sent her “Love you yaar.” Well, Rakhi had sent her video of supporting Singh to his Instagram, and the latter acknowledged her support by saying “I love you”, and he wrote another message that read: “Rakhi Sawant, you are a rock star.” This made Rakhi’s day, and she bragged about it like everything else.

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