Instacart seeks Choco Taco up 30,000% after Klondike lowers the treat


In case you haven’t heard, the beloved Choco Taco is being discontinued after nearly four decades.

This week, Klondike announced that production of Choco Taco will end this year after its first launch in 1983.

Fans of the vanilla ice cream in a hard taco shell with fudge, peanuts and a layer of milk chocolate are not happy to say the least.

And after Klondike announced it was shutting down the Choco Taco on Monday, July 25, delivery and takeout platform Instacart has seen a massive spike in searches for the ice cream novelty, with searches growing 30,000% weekly. Tuesday 26 July.

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Laurentia Romaniuk, Instacart trends expert, “As an ice cream truck favorite, it’s no surprise that news of the Choco Taco’s discontinuation nearly broke the internet and sparked a movement for consumers to search for and enjoy their favorite kid’s treat.” , said in a company press release.

“As the demand for Choco Taco has grown significantly in recent days, Instacart customers can use the Discover tab to easily search all stores in their area at once for the nostalgic frozen treat.”

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Although Romaniuk tells TBEN Business that a wave of disappointment has fallen on those with a sweet tooth, she notes that consumers can still get their “fix” by stocking up on vanilla ice cream, chocolate or chocolate syrup and waffle cones or ingredients to make homemade waffle cone. taco shells.

“If making your own Choco Taco doesn’t seem appealing, you can discover other frozen waffle ice cream products from the freezer section, easy to find and search through Instacart,” she said.

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“In addition, with nostalgic summer treats currently having a viral moment during the peak of summer, this could also be a launching point for other ice cream truck favorites, resulting in a renaissance of frozen desserts.”

For now, fans can enjoy every last bite of the Choco Taco stash they’ve kept in their freezers.

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