iOS 16 beta 4 features: iMessage editing history and a new time limit to undo text messages


One of the highlights of iOS 16 that Apple unveiled at WWDC 2022 is the ability to edit and delete iMessages. The feature works as intended and you can test it by installing the latest iOS 16 beta now. But Apple has changed the way iMessages editing and/or undo/delete works in iOS 16 beta 4. The new software release brings additional layers of security that should improve users’ safety.

iOS 16 beta 4 adds an edit history to iMessages, allowing both the sender and recipient of chats to see all edits. In addition, each iMessage can only be edited five times. Apple also changed the time for deleting a sent message. You only have two minutes to get the job done compared to the previous 15 minute window.

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Shortly after Apple rolled out the first beta version of iOS 16 and people started testing iMessage’s editing features, the first security issues appeared. Some feared that persons with malicious intent could misuse the position. They can harass others via iMessage and then edit or delete the original text.

Apple started changing the way iMessage editing works in iOS 16 beta 2 a few weeks ago. But the changes only affected the functionality of the feature on older devices. People with iOS 15 or older versions would continue to see the original iMessage before the edits. iOS 16 beta 2 ensures that older devices get a second message with the changes.

However, iOS 16 beta 2 has not fully addressed user security concerns. But that’s where the new beta changes things.

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Editing an iMessage in iOS 16 beta 4

iOS 16 beta 4 brings more refinements to iMessage editing to address concerns about abuse. The main new feature for the Messages app is a history of edits. The history shows all previous versions of the iMessage you edited. Malicious persons can no longer hide threats and verbal abuse by editing the message.

Not only the sender sees the edit history, but also the recipient. You’ll see a full history of edits if you received threats via iMessage that were subsequently edited.

Each iMessage history can show up to five message edits. If you haven’t been able to clear your mistakes in five tries, you may want to send a brand new iMessage.

Also important is the TBEN for undoing an iMessage. You only have two minutes to delete an accidentally sent SMS. That’s a significant change from the original 15 minutes. However, you still have 15 minutes to edit iMessages.

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Whether you want to correct or delete a text, it all starts with long-pressing the screen to do it. The menu offers you the edit and Undo Send options you need.

You can try these features right away on iOS 16 if your iPhone can handle the beta. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for the final version of iOS 16, which should roll out to all eligible iPhones in September.

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