Iran rejects ‘false’ report asking Russia to remove troops from Syria


Iran’s Nour News released a report from the London-based Asharq Al-Awsat that Russia has asked Iran to remove its troops and militias from western and central Syria over an increase in airstrikes by Israel.

“According to the information received by Nour News, the report published in Asharq al-Awsat was incorrect and Russia made no such request from Iran. The Zionists’ attacks were also exaggerated.” Nour News, who is affiliated with Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, said Saturday.

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Falsification of such news is intended to boost the morale of the remnants of Takfiri terrorism in Syria and also to portray the Zionist regime as an influential [player] in the region’s political and security equations,” it added.

The report in Asharq Al-Awsat quoted a source reportedly close to the Syrian government as claiming that Russia is “demanding the Iranians to evacuate” from their positions near the site of Regiment 49, a major military site in western Hama where long-range S-200 missiles and other Russian-made arms.

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A meeting is said to have taken place at Hama military airport on Wednesday between three Russian officers and their Iranian counterparts.

However, an article published yesterday by the Jerusalem Post also question the Saudi newspaper’s claim.

“This means that a source, or sources, could be spreading an inaccurate story or misinformation. Would anyone want the world to know that Russia is trying to get Iran to leave certain areas?” opined Senior Middle East Correspondent Seth J. Franztman.

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“Overall, the point of the report is that it tells us there is daylight between Iran and Russia or someone wants us to believe there is daylight.”

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