Iran welcomes UN nuclear oversight chief ahead of sanctions deadline


Iran says it will not stop working with the IAEA or expelling its inspectors. (Representative)


UN nuclear surveillance chief Rafael Grossi arrived in Iran on Saturday evening for talks on the eve of Tehran’s deadline for the lifting of US sanctions, as President Joe Biden called for a ” prudent diplomacy “.

The deadline, set by Iranian lawmakers, carries the threat of a suspension of some nuclear inspections, fueling international concern over a possible expulsion of UN inspectors.

But Iran has stressed that it will not stop working with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) or expel its inspectors.

Grossi was received in Tehran by Iran’s ambassador to the IAEA, Kazem Gharibabadi, and head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization Behrouz Kamalvandi, Gharibabadi tweeted on Saturday evening. The IAEA chief’s visit is due to take place on Sunday.

Grossi tweeted on Friday that he “will meet with senior Iranian officials to find a mutually acceptable solution, consistent with Iranian law, so that @iaeaorg can continue with essential verification activities in Iran.”

“Looking forward to success – it is in everyone’s interest,” he added.

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Iran has notified the IAEA that it will suspend “voluntary transparency measures”, including inspection visits to non-nuclear sites, including military sites suspected of nuclear-related activities, if States United has not lifted the drastic sanctions former President Donald Trump reimposed in 2018.

The new measures, set out in a law passed by the conservative-dominated parliament in December, are due to go into effect on Tuesday, Iran’s atomic corps chief Ali Akbar Salehi confirmed on Saturday.

As Iran implements the law and “the other side has not yet fulfilled its obligations to lift the sanctions, inspections beyond the safeguard measures will be suspended,” Salehi said on television. ‘Status on its website.

He added that “at the meeting tomorrow (Sunday) with Mr. Grossi, the IAEA’s considerations within the framework of the safeguards agreement and bilateral cooperation will be examined and discussed”.

– “Diplomatic round trips” –

The visit follows Biden’s call on Friday for European powers to work together to curb Iran’s “destabilizing” activities, a day after pledging to resume talks over Tehran’s nuclear program.


Biden told the Munich Security Conference that the United States would work closely with its allies to deal with Iran after his predecessor Trump took an aggressive unilateral approach.

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“The threat of nuclear proliferation also continues to demand careful diplomacy and cooperation among us,” Biden told his fellow leaders by teleconference.

“That is why we said that we were ready to resume negotiations with the P5 + 1 on the Iranian nuclear program,” he said, referring to the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and to Germany.

Tehran has repeatedly stated that it is ready to return to its nuclear commitments on condition that Washington does so first by lifting the reimposed sanctions by Trump that have dealt a heavy blow to the Iranian economy.

Following an offer for talks from the Biden administration, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted on Friday that Iran would “immediately reverse” its retaliatory measures if the United States lifts “all sanctions imposed, reimposed or relabeled by Trump “.

The former president withdrew from the nuclear deal in 2018, while Iran began the following year to suspend compliance with most key nuclear commitments in response.

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In a gesture of openness, the Biden administration dropped pressure for more sanctions devised by Trump and removed restrictions on Iranian diplomats accredited to the United Nations in New York.

Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei stressed on Saturday that Tehran’s latest nuclear initiative would not prevent it from responding to any display of goodwill from the United States and expressed optimism about the ongoing diplomatic process.

This is “neither against our commitments (agree) nor an obstacle to a proportionate and appropriate response to any American action to prove (its) goodwill,” he wrote in an editorial for the government newspaper Iran .

“ We can predict with certainty that diplomatic initiatives will work well (to achieve) the desired outcome, despite diplomatic back and forth, which is the natural prelude to all parties returning to their commitments, including lifting all of them. sanctions in the near future. future, ”he added.

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