Is the leopard coming? Pressure on Scholz for Panzer Alliance increases


Does he give way? Chancellor Olaf Scholz in front of a Leopard II tank of the German Bundeswehr.

Image: David Hecker/Getty Images Europe

After the announced armored personnel carriers, is western Ukraine now also making heavy main battle tanks available? In any case, this would be the “next logical step,” says Patrick Sensburg, President of the German Armed Forces Reservist Association in an interview. The reason: An armored personnel carrier like the German Marder only unfolds its full potential in combination with a heavy main battle tank like the Leopard II. While the Marder secures the immediate area and brings infantrymen to the front and back, the Leopard with its large-calibre cannon can work at a distance target enemy tanks and artillery positions. This interplay of modern western weapons technology could change the situation on the battlefield in Ukraine’s favour.