Israel increases state of alert around gas fields

Israel increases state of alert around gas fields

Israeli security and armed forces have increased levels of alertness and preparedness around vital gas fields in the disputed Mediterranean maritime zone, local media reported.

Israel is reported to have decided to strengthen security measures in the Mediterranean against a background of stalled talks with Lebanon over the demarcation of their maritime borders, the arrival of a gas extraction platform at the Karish site and Tel Aviv’s plans to start extracting gas from the field in September.

Lebanon Warns Israel Against Aggressive Action In Their Disputed Waters – Cartoon [Sabaaneh/Middle East Monitor]

“In order to defend Israel’s platforms and interests in the maritime region, a multi-armed alliance has been formed that includes the Ministry of Public Security, the Navy, the Operations Department, the Air Force, the Northern Command and the intelligence services. prepare for the possibility that Hezbollah could attempt to conduct a military or provocative operation to provoke Israel or harm the gas extraction process,” said media outlets.

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Israeli security sources have confirmed that the head of the intelligence division, Major General Aharon Haliva, has allocated resources to counter threats in the maritime arena and defend the maritime economic zone.

Israeli forces have considered a number of scenarios in recent months, including “a missile strike against targets in the economic maritime zone,” local media said, citing security officials.

Secretary-General of the Lebanese Hezbollah group Hassan Nasrallah has warned that his group could attack one of Israel’s gas platforms.

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Nasrallah also warned that Hezbollah is “capable of deterring the enemy and hitting any targets it wants, anywhere in the sea of ​​occupied Palestine and on land.”

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Israel’s Wallah website reported that the Navy has conducted several maneuvers in recent months with the various units handling cruise missile strikes, precision missile strikes and regular missile strikes, adding that “another major exercise that simulates a scenario in the maritime arena that promotes technological improvements is expected in the coming month.” will contain, will take place.”

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According to the website, 99 percent of Israel’s imports are by sea, and the security service fears that the attacks not only harm the gas platforms, but also Israel’s maritime freedom.


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