Israel: Opposition threatens civil disobedience over judicial reform


The Israeli opposition has threatened civil disobedience to the right-wing government’s plan to implement fundamental reform of the judiciary.

Nearly 80,000 protesters gathered in Tel Aviv’s Habima Square on Saturday night to protest Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s new government and its plans for sweeping changes to the justice system. Demonstrations were also held in Jerusalem and Haifa.

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Former deputy chief of staff Yair Golan said the demonstrations will not end unless the government shrinks from destroying the judiciary. An unprecedented level of civil disobedience is threatened.

Golan said Yedioth Ahronoth that the people have two ways of changing government decisions. The first is demonstrations and the second is paralyzing the economy through civil disobedience.

Netanyahu defended the proposed review and overhaul of the judicial system. Millions of Israelis voted for change, he stressed. However, he mentioned the possibility of changes to the proposed formula to reform the system.

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