Israel’s oil spill hits southern Lebanese beaches


Mon, 2021-02-22 12:23

BEIRUT: Acting Prime Minister of Lebanon Hassan Diab said on Monday that he was following an oil spill that may have originated from a ship passing near the Israeli coast and which has now reached the southern shores of Lebanon.
Israeli officials said on Sunday they were trying to find the ship responsible for the spill that flooded much of its Mediterranean coastline with tar, an environmental blow that will take months or years to clean up.
The Lebanese Diab instructed the Minister of Defense, the Minister of the Environment and the National Council for Scientific Research with the follow-up, according to a statement from his office.
The sticky black deposits that appeared on Israeli beaches were visible Monday on the beaches of a nature reserve in Tire, southern Lebanon.
The United Nations interim forces in Lebanon will be advised to prepare an official report, the statement said.
Israel is looking for a possible source of an oil spill on February 11 from a ship passing about 50 km offshore.

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