Italy’s Largest TV Piracy Network Dismantled – Police


ROME (Reuters) – Italian police on Friday said they had dismantled the country’s largest online TV piracy network, which accounted for 70% of illegal streaming across the country.

The network had more than 900,000 users and generated “millions of dollars” monthly, according to a police statement.

As part of the operation, buildings were searched and materials seized in more than 20 cities across the country, including Rome, Naples and Catania, the statement said.

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The raids were ordered by prosecutors in Catania, Sicily, who would provide more details in a press conference later on Friday.

In another raid last year, Italian police said they had blocked 1.5 million users from illegally streaming from providers including Netflix Inc, Comcast’s Sky unit, DAZN and domestic broadcaster Mediaset.

(Reporting by Alvise Armellini; editing by Bradley Perrett)