‘It’s very exciting’: Paul Bettany teases ‘Mystery Avenger’ cameo in ‘WandaVision’


“ WandaVision ” star Paul Bettany, who stars as Vision in Marvel Studios’ debut streaming series, recently reacted to fan theories about the show which aired its 7th episode on Friday. In a video, Bettany was asked to respond to fan theories. Bettany provided insight into topics ranging from how Wanda Maximoff received the nickname “ Scarlet Witch, ” to the appearance of an “ Avenger mystery ” in the series.

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Bettany seemed excited about the appearance of an “ Avenger mystery, ” in the Esquire video, and teased that a major cameo was in the works. Bettany said, “It’s the theory that there is a mysterious Avenger that will appear in WandaVision, and people seem to think the mysterious Avenger is Doctor Strange.”

Bettany added: “The truth is, of all the characters we were trying to keep a secret, a lot of them leaked out, but there is one character that hasn’t been revealed. exciting. He’s an actor that I have been wanting to work with all my life, and we have some amazing scenes together, and the chemistry between us is amazing, and there were fireworks on set. . “

Bettany did not reveal anything about Mephisto’s involvement as he said he was ‘worried about being fired’. There are plenty of theories in the works that claim that the villainous character could be revealed in the series and have a bigger muddle in Phase Four of the MCU.

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As for the cameo, Bettany co-star Elizabeth Olsen in a previous interview also teased her and told TV Line she was surprised she hadn’t run away yet. Speaking of the cameo, Elizabeth had simply said, “I’m very excited.”



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