J. Crew’s Epic Sale is just that: get an extra 60% off sale items


What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of J. Crew?

“Preppy”? “Peacock coat”? “Tweed”? Or maybe an entire phrase comes to mind, such as “handsome checkered patterns” or “fluffy striped shirt”? Well, out with the old, in with the new. Try this one for size: “Epic.”

J. Crew’s Long Weekend, Epic Sale has begun, offering discounts on top of discounts on last chance styles with code EPIC. And when they say capital-e Epic, they’re not kidding. They add an extra 60% off their clearance rack.

In the mood for a best-selling $230 dress for less than $75? How about over $200 off a men’s peacoat to see you through the winter? You’ll find both deals and more in our overview below.

For our short list, we’ve selected five of our favorite bestsellers from the super clearance for women and five for men. The prices of these jeans, jackets, puffers, shackets, accessories and more have never been this low, so get yours while you still can.

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Read on, click through and get epic.

Our favorite women’s sale items

1990s Classic High Waist Straight Jeans for Women, $40, original price: $138

J. Crew

Take advantage of nearly $100 off these hip, durable High-Rise Full-Length Classic Straight Jeans from the 1990s, and add some vintage flair to your wardrobe. Apparently the ’90s are back and you’ve been given the chance to look like Liz Phair for over 60% off the list price. Choose wisely.

Button Front Velvet Mini Dress, $73, original price: $228

Green velvet dress.
J. Crew

Jackie O calls. She wants her dress back, but in a good way. This Velvet Jeweled Button Front Mini Dress is a whopping $155 off, enough to buy two more Velvet Jeweled Button Front Mini Dresses. Just an idea.

Crystal embellished sweater shell in super soft yarn, $40, original price: $128

Beige sweater vest.
J. Crew

Add a little glitter to your next outfit with J Crew’s Crystal Embellished Sweater Shell made from super soft yarn, priced at just under $90 on J Crew’s Epic Sale. After all, it is low season.

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Cocoon Sweater Blazer, $56, original price: $178

Beige cardigan.
J. Crew

If you want to curl up in a ball through the wintry temperatures and sleep through April, there’s J. Crew’s Cocoon Sweater Blazer, which is over $100 off this long weekend. On colder days it looks great over a sweater and when it’s a bit warmer, it also looks great over a t-shirt.

New Chateau Puffer Coat, $113, original price: $448

Pink puffer jacket.
J. Crew

Unfortunately, winter is still at least a few months away. On the plus side, you can grab this New Chateau Puffer Coat in Liberty Toutouayette fabric for over $300 off the list price.

Our favorite men’s sale items

Sherpa-lined corduroy shirt jacket, $40, original price: $148

Brown corduroy overshirt.
J. Crew

2023 could well be the year of the Shaket. Not quite shirt, not quite jacket, this sherpa lined corduroy shirt jacket is the perfect piece for days when the weather seems unpredictable. And at over $100, it’s the perfect price too.

Cashmere-Lined Suede Gloves, $31, original price: $98

Brown suede gloves.
J. Crew

You don’t have to own a car to throw on a pair of driving gloves (but it certainly can’t hurt if you do). These cashmere-lined suede gloves would have been the perfect stocking stuffer for just $31, but you can always tell Santa delivered them late.

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Secret Wash Slim Cotton Poplin Shirt, $16, Original price: $80

Red white checkered shirt.
J. Crew

Simple, handsome and $16. Does it get much better than that? J. Crew’s Slim Secret Wash Cotton Poplin Shirt, available in 16 different plaid, gingham, and tartan patterns, is a bargain with over $60 off. Grab a few while you’re at it.

Mixed Braided Leather Belt, $22, original price: $70

Black leather strap.
J. Crew

Your new Slim Secret Wash Cotton Poplin shirt will look great with this best-selling blended braided leather belt, marked down from just $22 from a list price of $70, perfect for more casual outings.

Dock Peacoat with PrimaLoft, $111, original price: $348

Gray pea coat.
J. Crew

Last but not least, we’ve got J. Crew’s Dock Peacoat, discounted from a whopping $237 (to be exact) to just $111. Get through winter in comfort and style with this gray peacoat, lined with patented PrimaLoft fabric. insulation.

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