Jaan Kumar Sanu’s mother reacts to Kumar Sanu’s statement on ‘raising’ their son


Days after Kumar Sanu’s statement on Jaan Kumar Sanu’s education, his ex-wife Rita Bhattacharya, who raised Jaan on her own, reacted to his statement. She said it was “not necessary to create propaganda”.

In an interview with The The Bharat Express News, Rita declined to talk about Kumar Sanu, adding that he had not been in contact for 27 years.

“He can’t be a talking point for me. Plus I feel what he said in the first video about Jaan and me, he actually responded to all of those people who asked Jaan about nepotism. Because of the comments against Jaan in the first video, everyone got an answer whether Jaan is a nepo child or not. Second, all he said in both videos was his choice, the way he said. was his opinion, ”she said.

“But as a mother, I have to tell you that when you are offended by someone and you say something about a person, you don’t forget the relationship. For example here, if I am talking about Nikki, she is not related to me, she is like my child but not related to me ”, added Rita.

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She also asked Kumar Sanu to realize that he was talking about his own son. “Kumar Sanu should have realized that he was talking about his own son. There was no need to create propaganda. I don’t want sympathy in this case, and I don’t want to take advantage of this situation either. that if he said something, then I’m going to fight back. I’m very happy in my life, so are my kids. They are doing very well in their careers. They are very well established, educated, good people. say nothing about what i have to sit down and correct yourself tomorrow, ”she shared.

Kumar Sanu had reacted to Jaan’s comments on the remarks against Marathi language on the “Bigg Boss 14” program.

In a video, Kumar said in Hindi that Mumbai and Maharashtra made him who he is and that he could never downplay the Marathi language. “I heard that my son Jaan said something very wrong that never occurred to me or that could have crossed my mind during these 41 years. Maharashtra, Mumbai and Mumba devi blessed me and gave me name and fame and everything else. I can never think of such things about the same Mumba devi and Maharashtra. I love and respect all languages ​​of India. I sang songs in different languages, “he said, reported The The Bharat Express News.

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Kumar also said that he has not been living with Jaan for 27 years and that he was unaware of the education he received from his mother, Rita Bhattacharya.

He said, “I haven’t been with my son for 27 years. We have been living apart for 27 years. I don’t know what his mother gave him and I don’t understand how he could have said such a thing. I. I’m sorry. As a father, I can only apologize to all of you. ”

On Wednesday night, Jaan also apologized for the show.

Jaan’s apology video begins with Bigg Boss telling Jaan that discrimination of any kind is not tolerated on the show. “Namaste, mera naam Jaan Kumar Sanu hai. Maine kuch dino pehle, anjaane mein hi sahi, magar maine ek galti ki, jisse Marathi logon ko, aur unke sentiments ko thes pahunchi hai. Main iss baat ke liye sincerely sorry kehna chahunga. Mera bilkul bhi intention nahi tha ke main Marathi connection ko thes ya chot pahunchaun. Agar simple intentions galat aaye hain saamne se, toh main uske liye tahe dil se maafi maangna chahunga. Bigg Boss I am so sorry ke maine aapko sharminda kiya hai, aur main aage se yeh baat bilkul repeat nahi karunga (Namaste, my name is Jaan Kumar Sanu. A few days ago, I unwittingly made a mistake that hurt the feelings of the Marathi. I am sincerely sorry about this. I never intended to offend the Marathi people. If my comments were perceived as negative, I would like to apologize for them. I would also like to apologize to Bigg Boss for damaging the reputation of the show, and I will repeat this mistake). “

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