Jack Evans praises AEW’s Tony Khan, but he has one complaint about him as boss:


Jack Evans was on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast to talk about his departure from AEW, his thoughts on Tony Khan as boss, AAA, Konnan, ROH and more.

Evans talks about his experience working in AEW with Tony Khan:

“I really liked it. It was a great experience. Tony was a great boss. The only complaint I could ever make about Tony is that he is the king of last minute exchanges. That would be my only complaint about him But other than that he was always really honest You always hear the stories about Vince having to be the alpha in the room Tony wasn’t like that You could go up and talk to him Of course you know he’s the boss, but I mean, he was never like that. When it comes to AEW, it’s all been pleasant experiences.”

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