Jade Cargill on Bow Wow: If Tony Khan allows me to take him, I think it’ll take another five minutes


Jade Cargill was recently interviewed by Steve Fall for NBC Sports Boston. Cargill was asked to give her thoughts on Bow Wow going on a date with her and how she thinks he would do in the ring:

“I have something to say. I felt like he was very disrespectful. I have a family. For him to even pry in and then for him to try and play victim, and try to like it, there funny I’d love to see him come here and try that stuff in my face in person I promise he would never step up to me and say one of the words, half the words that he said. And of course he tried to make a joke out of that thinking it was funny It was hilarious As for Bow Wow in the ring I mean if Tony let me take him I would but I mean I think that that would be another five minute game and I think you guys are tired of it. Am I right?’

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