Jamie Foxx Vampire Movie ‘Day Shift’ Wins Subdued Week on Nielsen Chart; Re-streaming takes most of the ratings in August


Jamie Foxx vampire movie day shiftin its second week of availability on Netflix, it topped an understated field on Nielsen’s streaming chart for the week of August 15-21.

While no title reached the 1 billion mark in terms of watch minutes, total streaming continued its precedent-setting dominance as a slice of the total viewing pie. In his monthly snapshot, The Gauge, Nielsen said streaming accounted for 35% of all viewers in August. It was ahead of broadcast and cable TV for the second straight month, after hitting that tipping point for the first time in history in July. (See the full gauge chart below.)

The weekly ranking was the first since April without a single title north of 1 billion. With 957 million viewing minutes, day shift surpassed the sandman (No. 2 with 946 million) and Weird stuff (in third place with 919 million). Starring Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco and Snoop Dogg, day shift attracted an audience that was 55% multicultural, Nielsen said, 25% of whom were African American, the largest share for any title this week.

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Only a small part of House of the DragonIts premiere on HBO Max on August 21 was counted because of the format of the Nielsen chart, which measures streaming Monday through Sunday. That shutdown meant only the three hours of streaming in the eastern time zone were captured. Nevertheless, the Game of Thrones prequel collected 327 million minutes of viewing in that short period. In a release accompanying the songs, Nielsen said it expects the show “to become a fixture in the coming weeks.”

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Streaming songs only reflect watching through a TV screen for HBO Max, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Prime Video, and Apple TV+.

Except for bluey on Disney+, which finished at number 8, Netflix checked the entire top 10. Newer entries included new seasons of coming-of-age drama Never have I ever and sports documentaries untold. The latter featured a bubbly episode about the catfishing scandal involving former Notre Dame and NFL football player Manti Te’o.

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Below is the full top 10. Unless otherwise noted, all titles are on Netflix.

day shift – movie, watch 957 million minutes
the sandman – 11 episodes, 946 million min.
Weird stuff – 34 ep., 919 million min.
Never have I ever – 30 ep., 883 million min.
NCIS – 354 ep., 810 million min.
Lock & Key – 28 ep., 776 million min.
Grey’s Anatomy – 396 ep., 702M min.
bluey (Disney+) – 112 ep., 681 million min.
untold – 7 ep., 630 million min.
Virgin River – 42 ep., 629 million min.

And here’s the August snapshot from The Gauge:


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