Jamie Raskin: impeachment official leads campaign to overthrow Trump


WASHINGTON – Representative Jamie Raskin began drafting the article of impeachment against President Trump in the hours following the violent mob attack on the Capitol.

“We don’t have a minute to lose,” he told the House on Wednesday. “He represents a clear and present danger for the people.”

Mr Raskin, 58, a former constitutional law professor at the American University who also served as a senator from Maryland, won the 2016 congressional election after a costly and hard-fought nine-time primary in his heavily Democratic district of the suburb of Washington. A graduate of Harvard University and Harvard Law School, he is passionate about the Constitution and American history.

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President Nancy Pelosi has named him chief impeachment officer, meaning he will be the lead prosecutor in a Senate trial against Mr. Trump.

“We must create a dynamic of action in which all our colleagues are obliged to confront their conscience about the authorization they have given to the president to trample all the principles and values ​​of our Constitution under foot,” he said. he said in an interview this week. .

In many ways, Mr. Raskin was made for this moment; he has been engaged in progressive politics since he was little, learning at the knees of his father, Marcus Raskin, a well-known anti-war activist and liberal intellectual. But as he assumes the important role of senior prosecutor, he also faces a devastating family tragedy: the loss of his son, Tommy, 25, and a Harvard Law student, to suicide on New Years Eve. .

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“Even in this darkest moment, he has in no way diminished what he sees as his responsibility as a congressman to defend our democracy,” said Rep. David Cicilline, Democrat of Rhode Island and the one of Mr. Raskin’s closest friends in the Capitol. “None of us who know Jamie well are surprised.”

Beloved on both sides of the political aisle, Mr. Raskin is a member of Ms. Pelosi’s unofficial “kitchen cabinet” and sits on both the House Judiciary Committee and the House Rules Committee, the powerful group of 13 members who defines the conditions debate in the House.

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In addition to drafting the article of impeachment, he also drafted the resolution, passed by the House on Tuesday night, calling on Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to strip Mr. Trump of his powers. He likes to quote Thomas Paine, the revolutionary war figure for whom his son was named: “Times have found us.


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