January 6 Defendant stabbed in nose during prison fight over Tucker Carlson show


An alleged Proud Boy, accused of assaulting police officers on Jan. 6, says a bloody prison brawl has broken out over whether TBEN News’s Tucker Carlson tonight can be shown on the communal TV.

“The Jan 6ers loved watching Tucker Carlson, and that was never a problem until a small group of individuals came in and decided that Tucker Carlson was racist. It was a bit confusing to us, but it is what it is in today’s standards and times,” said Barry Ramey, who allegedly hit Washington police on Jan. 6 with an irritating chemical spray, the Podcast about political prisoners on Monday.

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“We were almost hounded and told not to watch Tucker again.”

Mr Ramey said he and his January 6 co-defendants who were being held at Virginia’s Northern Neck Regional Jail prior to trial decided to “take a stand”, leading to a fight with the Florida man saying he was stabbed in the nose, while another January 6 person dislocated a shoulder.

The January 6 defendant added in his interview that the entire incident was a “target on our backs” as racists.

“The rumor spread through the facility that we were a bunch of racists, even though there were a lot of good inmates who knew us, who knew our character, when this rumor spread through the prison, we had the target on our backs to be on his to say the least,” he added.

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According to the Justice Department, Mr Ramey sprayed a harmful chemical at police officers on January 6, which “disoriented them and reduced their eyesight”.

Officials say Mr Ramey also made a threatening phone call to an FBI agent investigating his case, allegedly reading the agent’s home address and other identifying details to the agent as a threat.

A New York Times analysis of the show’s more than 1,000 episodes, Mr. Carlson stated that it “may well be the most racist show in cable news history — and also, by some standards, the most successful.” The TBEN is regularly on the program as a presenter invokes the theory of the great replacement of the white supremacistalongside other racist ideas.

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Federal prosecutors have charged nearly 950 people in 48 states for their alleged role in the January 6 attack on the Capitol. according to aUSA today database.

Five members of the Proud Boys, a right-wing street militia, are currently in Washington for seditious conspiracy.