Japanese governors demand stronger, targeted measures on coronaviruses


The governors of the country’s prefecture have called on Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga to implement powerful anti-coronavirus measures in a targeted manner.

“We ask you to exercise strong leadership to define the target areas and take powerful and effective measures there,” Tokushima Governor Kamon Iizumi, head of the National Association of Governors, told Suga on Friday at a meeting. government sponsored meeting held at Prime Minister’s seat. Office.

During his first meeting with members of the association as prime minister, Suga said the country faces a thorny challenge.

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“Seeing that the new national cases of coronavirus reach 2,000 every day, we are on high alert,” he said, stressing that his administration remains determined to put the economy back on the path to recovery while doing everything possible its possible to prevent the spread of the virus.

Responding to calls for the central government to end Go To relaunch campaigns amid the resurgence of the pandemic in various parts of the country, Suga reiterated that the government was not asking more than four people to take meals and drinks together in virus hot spots.

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Suga has also responded cautiously to the association’s request to give more power to prefectural governments under the special coronavirus response law.

“We will continue to examine the issue listening to a wide variety of opinions,” he said.

Meanwhile, when governors called for a five-year extension of the three-year emergency program to make the country more resilient to disasters. The program is due to expire at the end of next March and the Prime Minister has promised to make a budget allocation for the extension.

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