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The former WWE Superstar / Former NWA Women’s Champion Jazz was on Vickie Guerrero’s “Excuse Me” podcast to talk about her career. Jazz struggled in his final match last month due to issues with his knees and back and due to mental and emotional issues.

Jazz spoke of never being a part of any merchandise while in WWE: “It’s a business out there that you tend to sit down because you’re so blessed and grateful for the opportunity they give you, so you sit down and be quiet for a little while. Then once you see things move and move and feel you’ve been held back, you’re tired of being pushed back so far that you have to defend yourself. The whole time I was there with WWE they never gave me a figure although they took me from home early to do my screening. I do not know what happened. They never gave me a figure during the time I was the champion. Stephanie McMahon herself told me that at the time Trish and I were probably the only two women making money for the company at the time and that I had never had any merchandise. No T-Shirt, no bandana, nothing. I never understood that. I’m the champion and they never put me on a poster. I might not be the most gorgeous girl, but I’m sure she wasn’t the ugliest. I feel like they didn’t know how to market me. I don’t know what it was. It’s nothing that I did wrong. I had no heat with anyone. I never understood it. I’m still very grateful for the platform they gave me to keep making a name for me because if it wasn’t for them to give me the opportunity, you wouldn’t know who Jazz is. So thankful for it, but my God give me flowers while I live. Just give me what I deserve. I am not looking for a supplement. I’m just looking for what I deserve.

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