Jeremy Clarkson closes Diddly Squat restaurant for admitting defeat in planning the battle


He allegedly wrote to the council saying “I no longer want to open a restaurant” after being “thwarted by the enforcement order”.

The farm in Chipping Norton has attracted crowds of visitors since it became the subject of Clarkson’s Farm, the popular Amazon Prime Video documentary.

Local residents are delighted that the plan for the restaurant seems to be on hold, after complaining about the heavy nuisance and traffic jams, and that the establishment does not fit into the quiet rural environment.

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They said: “Too long huh [Mr Clarkson] has thought he can get away with whatever he wants without any consequences.”

Another said: “Rich and entitled. He has to follow the rules like everyone else and smirk that he’s not treated differently.”

Some said Mr Clarkson has caused trouble in the village, saying he has “no respect” for his neighbours.

A woman whose house is just at the entrance to the village said that the main problem is still “idiots” driving through the village at high speed.

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