Jim Cornette and Brian Last Respond to Ric Flair’s Dark Side of the Ring Allegations


In the last episode of “The Jim Cornette Experience”, Jim Cornette and Brian Last reacted to the Dark Side of the Ring episode of the infamous Plane Ride From Hell.

Cornette said: “Like I said earlier… guys are entertained and they only think of it that way and there is no malicious intent involved but when you hear stories like this completely from outside the wrestling world, you think “my god are these guys crazy? As I mentioned, I think in some cases what a number of these people were trying to say was that there was no malicious intent involved in anyone’s actions. Rather, it was a combination of alcohol, bad judgment, and not realizing that they weren’t in the same old environment they were in. involved wrestlers who don’t appreciate their antics. It was a recipe for disaster. I hate that Flair looks like this because I know the guy and I truly believe he never meant to hurt anyone, offend anyone, panic anyone or do feel to anyone what that poor flight attendant felt. It’s something he did and people wanted him to do for so long that he never knew when to stop, I guess.

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Last said there was a difference between flashing someone and cornering someone like Flair was accused of doing and Cornette was okay with that.

Cornette added, “I can’t explain why anyone, other than maybe alcohol, why anyone would have thought all of this was a good idea to do to these people at that time on that plane. I’m interested if we can find out what antics Vince was and wasn’t and what flights he was on and wasn’t on because if people remember him on flights where incidents even happened. they mistake this one for a different flight the point is i worked there for a long time and i know vince mcmahon if he was in a situation he saw the guys do whatever he wanted [have to say is] “Hey, gentlemen! He had that fucking air [about him] and command. At the very least, you can understand that something happens once, but if there are several incidents, even if they are different people, if they don’t have the idea, don’t f ** k up on planes now. One of the first things I learned when I first got into the business was that boys are going to screw each other up every time. Get a good rate at a hotel, one of the guys might throw it away. Get a good rate at a car rental company, one of the guys is going to destroy it. Regardless, boys have always struggled to control themselves, but it took it to a ridiculously new level.

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The last time Flair went really badly in the documentary and Car Shield didn’t play the commercials with him and presumably any upcoming appearances for wrestling promotions are on hold at the moment.

Cornette added: “All I’m saying is and all I’m arguing is that it was wrong, he shouldn’t have done it. This was not the time, this was not the place, it was not the people, there is no excuse for that. But I still know Ric genuinely believes that deep in his heart or brain or whatever, he didn’t think he was offending anyone, that he was doing something wrong that everyone else was doing. would remember and be pissed off the next day. I have seen him treat ordinary people in various ways so that he comes into contact with them too politely. It’s not like he’s raving mad to anyone. He continued, “I’ve seen guys be cocks with women in games, unnecessarily. I’ve never seen him do that. I’ve never seen him act like a star to people in convenience stores or in public or be a dick to them or anything f ** k just unnecessarily. You know, I’m not excusing it, but there has to be something to be said for the intention. I wonder when he ever realized that this was wrong. Maybe when he was sued.

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If you missed it, click here for Cornette and Last’s reaction to Tommy Dreamer’s comments. Click below to hear everything Last and Cornette have said about Flair and the whole situation.

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