Jim Ross could be away from AEW TV for a while


Jim Ross may be taking a break from AEW as he deals with his health issues.

The WWE Hall of Fame underwent surgery this week and he is expected to undergo 22 consecutive days of radiation therapy to clear the skin cancer on his body.

Everything seems to come and go and while Ross hasn’t bluntly said he’ll be away from AEW shows for a while, the way he signed last night made it seem like he wasn’t sure and what ‘he might not be on the show next week or the week after.

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Dave Meltzer discussed Ross’s situation on Wrestling Observer Radio and he specifically mentioned Ross signing last night at the end of Dynamite:

“If nothing else, the way he said was to say maybe he wasn’t – and I think he doesn’t know that.” He has 22 days of radiation therapy starting on Monday so maybe he doesn’t, you know if he’s done 22 days in a row, don’t know if he can go even if he is up to the task. He could be away for a few weeks. Hope everything works out. “

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Ross previously said on his podcast that he had no plans to take time off. However, it must be assumed that 22 days of radiation could cause him to modify these plans.

We wish Ross the best of luck as he works on a full recovery and fans are anticipating his return to commentary soon.

h / t to Ringside News for quote.


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