Joe Biden back in isolation after testing positive for coronavirus again


President Joe Biden announced on Saturday that he would return to isolation after testing positive for coronavirus again.

“People, today I tested positive for COVID again,” Biden wrote on social media Saturday afternoon.

He said his recurring positive test was something that only happened to “a small minority” of coronavirus patients.

The president’s physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, in a letter to the public, said the recurrence of the virus was “rebound COVID”, something that is happening in some patients treated with PAXLOVID.

The doctor said Biden tested negative on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday before testing positive on Saturday.

The president said he would again isolate himself from the public after participating in personal events earlier in the week.

“I have no symptoms, but I am going to isolate for the safety of everyone around me,” Biden wrote.

The president was due to travel to his home in Delaware on Sunday, but those plans are likely to be canceled. He would also travel to Michigan on Tuesday.

He said he would continue to work despite the renewed positive test.

“I’m still at work and will be back on the road soon,” Biden said.

dr. Anthony Fauci was also treated with PAXLOVID after contracting the virus and experienced a rebound from the coronavirus in June.

Fauci was eventually re-treated with Paxlovid when symptoms returned, but he defended the treatment to keep him out of the hospital.


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