John Eastman Email Admits Trump Found No Election Fraud


An email from John Eastman to Rudy Giuliani contained a confession that Trump and his supporters had found no evidence of electoral fraud.

The New York Times reported:

“Many of us have now put our reputation on the line through allegations of voter fraud, and this would be one way to gather evidence,” wrote Mr Eastman in the previously undisclosed email, which also went to others, including a top Trump campaign adviser. . “If we get evidence of fraud on Jan. 5, it will likely also prove fraud on Nov. 3, justifying President Trump’s claims and serving as a strong bulwark against the Senate impeachment process.”

The email, which has been reviewed by The New York Times and verified by people who worked on the Trump campaign at the time, is the latest proof that even some of Mr Trump’s most ardent supporters knew they were making their baseless claims. of widespread votes had not proved. fraud – but wanted to continue their efforts to make the outcome illegal even after Mr Biden took office.

The Eastman email is proof that Trump and his lawyers knew there was no fraud, but they continued to perpetuate an act of fraud by trying to overturn a legitimate election with an unfounded claim. Emails like the one reported above are why so many of the people involved in Trump’s coup plot are under criminal investigation.

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People like Eastman and Giuliani were not in good faith. They were looking for a justification to back up their false fraud claims.

There was no fraud. Trump’s lawyers knew it. The Republican Party knew it, and Donald Trump knew it, meaning a whole lot of Republicans were involved in a criminal conspiracy to defraud the United States.


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