John Oliver gleefully mocks Britain’s ‘forced mourning’ of Queen Elizabeth II


It was only fitting that John Oliver was Seth Meyers’ first guest on the day Britain buried Queen Elizabeth II.

After the Late at night host congratulated Oliver for beating his show and won his seventh straight Emmy for Outstanding Variety Talk Series this month. a “royal funeral without a dead queen.”

With that line, they set to work commenting on what Oliver clearly sees as his homeland’s overreaction to the death of its long-standing monarch. As Late at night’s unofficial ‘royal correspondent’, the Last week tonight host was quick to feign grief over what he described as “10 days in forced mourning,” offering an “apology for our loss” to Meyers’ British drummer.

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“Basically I’ll come here when a senior royal dies,” Oliver promised. “Just click your heels three times and I’ll be here to give it the disrespect it deserves.”

He went on to make fun of the UK for canceling football matches – an ‘act of tangible class struggle’ – and apparently even sounded supermarket cash register beeps to honor the Queen. “As if someone would have gone in there, heard the regular beep and said, ‘Have damn respect! She’s laid out! Traditionally, a softer beep is appropriate!’”

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Later in the segment, Oliver revealed that British TV actually censored his initial reaction to the Queen’s death when his show aired abroad last week.

“All we said was that Britain is still mourning the shocking loss of a 96-year-old woman from natural causes,” he explained. “Scientifically, it’s no joke. That’s just a fact with a kind of cocky inflection. That’s all it is. And yet they got it out. That’s pretty crappy, because apparently all week we’ve been hearing that the Queen had an incredible sense of humor.”

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