Johnny Gargano Confirms He Talked To Other Promotions Before Returning To WWE


Johnny Gargano appeared on “Out of Character” Ryan Satin to talk about his return to WWE on the Raw brand.

Gargano on why he returned to WWE:

“I was known even to this day, I’m a Triple H guy. I’m a Shawn Michaels guy. When I left I said I will always, always be loyal to Hunter and Shawn for the opportunities they Seeing me, the friendship we have and the working relationship we have. It was just great times. That’s a big reason, honestly, and everyone should know this about me by now, that’s why I was on NXT for so long, because I really loved working with those two and working with everyone in that environment. I loved working with everyone in the NXT locker room, everyone in the office and the writing staff.”