Joy for Tottenham as major reason revealed for Harry Kane’s likely stay


According to expert Steve McManaman, Harry Kane will likely turn down any interest from big contenders in staying at Tottenham this summer.

Kane has spent his entire professional career at Tottenham, leaving for only a few loans earlier in his career. He has been their most important player for several years. Sadly, he doesn’t have a trophy to reflect this – which made him consider his future.

The England captain has already warned Spurs that he won’t be staying with them for fun if they don’t match his ambition.

At 28 before the start of next season, time is probably running out if Kane wants to move on to a European giant. He is obviously still in the prime of his career, but if he wants to spend that at an elite club, he will have a decision to make.

Kane has been linked with Premier League rivals Manchester City and Manchester United. There is also long-standing interest in La Liga, where Barcelona have joined Real Madrid in the chase.

Perhaps the greatest interest comes from Manchester City. With the iconic Sergio Aguero to replace, they need another No.9. Pep Guardiola has done his best to minimize talk of a big splash, however.

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Kane hasn’t done much to deny exit rumors, however. He recently admitted he would review the future of his club after the end of England’s Euro 2020 campaign in summer.

However, McManaman, addressing, is adamant that Kane will not be attracted to it. That’s because he feels, despite the lack of trophies, Kane is settled and happy with Spurs. Additionally, McManaman says family man Kane won’t want to take his wife and young family away from life in the south.

“The simple answer is it’s easy to say, ‘You have to leave Spurs because you have to be successful and win trophies.’ Tottenham want to succeed but it is difficult in the Premier League. Especially when you have Liverpool, Chelsea and City on the doorstep, ”McManaman said.

“Of course, it’s difficult. But the main thing for Harry Kane, for me, is that he is happy. If he’s happy and scoring goals, he’s a legend and wants to stay at Tottenham, so be it.

“It doesn’t matter which team he is going to play for, he will always be quite rich and well rewarded because he is a great player.

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“He has a young family, his wife and children could be happy where he is. They can have a family immediately close to them where they are all happy, the children can be in happy schools. This is the important thing.

“Of course, in an ideal world, he’ll also want to be successful. But if he moves to Manchester, if he moves to Madrid and you are unhappy and your wife is unhappy, your children are unhappy, it mocks your decision. As long as he’s happy, he’ll be a superstar wherever he plays.

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“If he wants to win trophies, of course the team that wins the most trophies right now is Manchester City. It would be an easy decision. But people get carried away with it all: “He needs to win trophies to be a great player. He’s not, he’s a great player anyway.

“He will be remembered as one of the best. Look at Alan Shearer. People talk about the lack of trophies he hasn’t won, but no one can tell me Alan Shearer is not an absolute superstar, not an absolute hero at Newcastle. And Harry Kane will be the same if he stays at Tottenham.

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Kane, an ‘incredible center-forward’

McManaman believes that Kane, rightly so, deserves to be considered in the highest echelons of modern forwards.

He also has a feeling, like the coveted Erling Haaland, that clubs would take him in the blink of an eye.

“Likewise, if he wants to move and he feels he needs to win trophies, it’s his decision and it’s a decision he will live and die.

“He’s an incredible center-forward. I think if you’re a club and you’re going to buy one right now, you’re going to buy Harry Kane in the blink of an eye. You know that if he’s going to play for someone else, he’ll still score 30 goals next year.

“I think Erling Haaland is definitely one for the future because he’s just a young boy. He’s never played in the Premier League before, he’s always adapting, he’s still getting better and he’s getting better. Harry Kane is the finished article.

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