JTG explains where the slogan “Money, money” comes from, why the Cryme Tyme gadget wouldn’t work today, The Gang Stars team in OVW | TBEN


JTG was interviewed by Chris Van Vliet this week. He opened up about his WWE run, his AEW Twitter posts, what JTG stands for, the passing of Shad Gaspard and more.

Here are some highlights and scroll down to watch the full interview:

JTG talks about his tag team before Cryme Tyme: “I teamed up with my first team mate, we were called The Gang Stars, with Abraham Washington. Me and him were a team. It was his idea. He said, “We should go out with these bulletproof vests, wear jeans and Timberland boots. You have to be a character. Right now you’re only wearing tights and you don’t stand out.

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I said, ‘ok, let’s try.’ We didn’t have any characters but we had the look and were charismatic and we blew the roof off. I thought, okay, I’ll stick with that. After a few months, Abraham Washington had personal problems in his life that prevented him from coming to the OVW. Danny Davis said this man was there consistently every day. He’s talented, he’s got charisma, he’s good at the microphone, he’s young. We have to do something with him and he said put it with Shad.

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JTG on if the Cryme Tyme gimmick would work today: “Absolutely not. Not with Twitter at the moment. They would cancel you.

JTG told us how they came up with the slogan “Money, money, yes, yes”: “Bernie Mac was one of my favorite comedians and our slogan that won us over and sold thousands of T-shirts and merchandise was’ Money, money, yes, yes. “Shad got that from Bernie Mac at Player’s Club. We kept saying it and it became our tagline.

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