Jupiter will be closer to Earth on Monday than in 59 years


Stargazers around the world will get a great view of Jupiter Monday night, weather permitting.

The solar system’s largest planet will be unusually close to Earth on Sept. 26, astronomers said. According to NASA, it is the first time in 59 years that Jupiter has been so close to Earth.

The gas giant will reach opposition that night when it will rise in the east while the sun sets in the west, placing the planet and sun on opposite sides of the Earth. The dynamics, NASA scientists say, make for a rare and extraordinary view of the giant planet.

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Jupiter’s opposition occurs every 13 months, making the planet appear larger and brighter than at any other time of year, according to NASA.

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At its closest approach, scientists say, Jupiter will be about 367 million miles from Earth, about the same distance it was in 1963.

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