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  • Makashule Gana of the DA has resigned from the party and his role in Gauteng’s legislature.
  • Gana said that while he resigned from the DA, he would not be completely lost to politics.
  • He revealed that he joined “an emerging generation of leaders and activists committed to mobilization and organization to return power to the people of South Africa”.

DA member of the Gauteng legislature Makashule Gana has resigned from the party and the legislature.

Gana announced in a statement:

Today I resigned as a member of the Democratic Alliance (DA) and a member of the Gauteng legislature.

While leaving the DA, Gana made it clear that he would not be lost to politics as he would join “an emerging generation of leaders and activists committed to mobilization and organization to return power to the people of the South.” -Africa”.

He cited “a widening trust deficit between citizens and political parties” as the reason for him to leave the DA.

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Gana said the lack of confidence had led many eligible voters to turn down the chance to vote out of desperation and disappointment.

He said he believed that “the next generation of politics in South Africa will be built on political empowerment of citizens, localized organization and participation to improve local issues and grow new, younger leaders to move communities and South Africa forward.” “.

“There is a new generation of leaders raising their hands to shape a new political culture that does just that. One person who exemplifies this new generation of leaders is Songezo Zibi, who has articulated a vision in his latest book , Manifesto: a new vision for South AfricaGanna added.

Last year, Gana and DA MP Solly Malatsi embarked on a 500km run from Soweto to Tzaneen to raise money for school uniforms and sanitary towels. They were able to raise more than the R500,000 goal they set for themselves.

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In his statement, Gana said South Africans “deserved a country where everyone is free and safe to pursue a life of happiness and well-being”.

He said this “requires bold, decisive leadership that gives power back to the people and empowers them to work together to develop and implement solutions that work for their communities.”

Gana joined the DA in 2002 as a 19-year-old student at the University of Limpopo. For the past 20 years he has served as an activist and member and leader of the DA.

During his time with the DA, Gana served as youth leader, deputy chairman of the federal council, chairman of the party’s MPL network and campaign manager for several elections, including in Gauteng’s Midvaal municipality for the 2016 municipal elections.

He said it had been an honor to serve the people of South Africa through the DA as a councilor in Johannesburg, MP (National Assembly and National Council of Provinces) and the Gauteng legislature.

“I leave the DA with a clear conscience, no regrets, and a determined sense of purpose and calling to serve the country. I am grateful to my colleagues – activists, members, staff and public representatives – with whom I have shared two decades of hard but satisfying work. I wish them all the best in the future,” said Gana.


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